Thursday, August 19, 2021

Elul-Rosh Hashana Membership Letter



                                                                                                8 Elul 5781


Dear Members of Khal Tzemach Tzedek;


            I am writing you to announce the opening of our annual membership drive which is coupled with the request for seats for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Baruch Hashem we will be able to daven this year as one minyan.  Please reserve your seats as early as possible. Last year we had to have 2 minyanim and the seating arrangements were different, I
would like to personally request that requests for seats be done no later than 18 Elul - 26 August so that we can accommodate your seating preference.


As in years past the cost for membership in our shul is $770 plus $36 per month for the building fund for a total of $1200.  This entitles you to 2 seats, a discount rate for the mikveh and the ability to vote and have a voice in our shul.  Additional seats for unmarried children will be $36 and all other guests will be $100. 

This is our shul’s biggest fundraising drive of the year and I would like to encourage EVERYONE to be involved.   Everyone who is using the shul on  a regular basis, whether for davening, learning, or socializing has a clear responsibility , in whatever way they can, to support our shul. 

            There remains the option of associate membership and the cost remains $600.  This entitles you to a discount rate for the mikveh but no seats for Yom Tov.  The cost of those seats will be $100 each.   This is geared to supporters, who do not live locally and are in shul during the week.

            In order to reserve seating in shul you must either personally speak to or email or text either Mordechai Litzman or myself so that we can address any outstanding balances owed the shul.  I can be reached at (646) 436 1289  or and Mordechai Litzman can be reached at (845) 222-0988 or

            This membership drive remains our shuls biggest source of income and everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in the large costs involved in supporting our Rav,  regular minyanim,  plus central Farbrengens for Yoma D’Pagra, a beautiful seforim library, mikveh and Beis Medrash.  

            With a heartfelt bracha for a K’siva V’Chasima Tovah,


Avraham Polinger

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