Thursday, November 19, 2020

Mazel Tov Isenbergs!

 Mazel Tov to Mr. & Mrs. Levi Isenberg on the birth of a baby boy!
The Shalom Zochor will take place Friday night at 199 Viola Rd. (cor. W Maple)
Mazel Tov to the zeides and bubbes the Litzmans and the Isenbergs.

3-Part Series of Chassidus Shiurim Begins Tonight!


Schedule for Shabbos Parshas Toldos 5781 and the week of Parshas ויצא


סדר הזמנים לשבת פ' תולדות ה'תשפ"א

Schedule for Shabbos Parshas Toldos 5781



Licht Bentchen              4:15pm

מנחה ערב שבת                 4:30pm

קבלת שבת                        5:03pm


No Kiddush between 5:42/6:00-6:42/7:00pm


שבת קודש

Rov’s   חסידות שיעור       8:45am

Latest Shma /סוזק"ש     9:16am

שחרית                            9:30am

Earliest Mincha                   12:12pm

  Rov’s הלכה שיעור        3:45pm

מנחה                                4:15pm

מוצאי שבת - מעריב          5:17pm

אבות ובנים                        6:30pm

א גוטען שבת און א געזונטן ווינטער

  No Kids’ program yet… 

Unfortunately, the Ladies’ shul will NOT be available for the נשים צדקניות until further notice.

Week of  פ' ויצא

 Starting 6 Kislev/ Nov.22nd


Sunday    8:00, 9:00, 10:00am

Mon. thru Fri.   

7:15, 8:15, 9:30am


Sun. thru Thurs. 4:20pm


Sun. thru Thurs.

5:02, 8:30, 9:30pm  

 Farbrengen לכבוד ט'-י' כסלו

                                  Wednesday evening after the 8:30 Maariv