Monday, March 9, 2020

Important Health Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Anash

As you are all aware, Coronavirus is spreading fast and has infected Israel, where a large percentage of the population is quarantined, and members of the Jewish communities in New York City and Westchester. There is no reason for fear or panic, but reasonable precautions should be exercised. As the CDC and other health officials recommend, we encourage you to wash your hands with soap often, use Purrel, avoid touching your face and shaking hands.

In view of the public gatherings on Purim for the readings of Megillah and davening, additional steps are prudent. We strongly encourage anybody who is not feeling well, who has a fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, or exhibit any respiratory symptoms not to come to Shul and not to expose others to possible infection. The same applies to children. As much as they are excited to show off their Purim costumes, if your children exhibit any symptoms or running a fever, please DO NOT bring them Shul. Thinking about your friends and fellow members of your Kehilah is the real Ahavas Yisroel! While the Coronavirus is well-tolerated and runs its course only with mild symptoms for 80% of the population, the elderly and those with weak immunity are at real risk. Please do not expose the elderly members of the Anash to a virus, which may be no worse than the regular flu for you, but might be a real sakana for others. It’s best to err on the side of caution and stay home if you have any symptoms at all or have been in contact with someone who may be infected.

We understand that hearing a Megilah reading is a mitzvah that you don’t want to miss. Please contact Rabbi Leshes regarding any questions you have or to discuss if arrangements need to be made for you.

A freilechen Purim

Tzemach Tzedek Board of Directors