Thursday, December 24, 2020

Schedule for Friday, Asara B'Teves, Shabbos Parshas VaYigash, and the week of Parshas VaYechi, 5781

Dear Member/Mispallel​​​​​​​

 Attached is the schedule for Friday Asara B'Teves - יהפך לששון ולשמחה - and Shabbos Parshas Vayigas, as well as the week of Parshas ויחי.

 One may Friday morning one may eat until the time posted on the schedule (5:51am).

The scheduled time for Mincha at shul on Friday (4:00pm) is for Ashrei.

Please allow several minutes for Hodu, Posach Eliyahu, etc.

It is important to daven shemone esrei before sunset at 4:33pm.

 At Mincha we read ויחל and say "Aneinu" at Shemonei Esrei, but תחנון is not said after mincha. Avinu Malkeinu is also NOT said.

 Kabbolas Shabbos is as usual. At shul, we will begin Kabbolas Shabbos soon after Mincha.

 If, for whatever reason, once gets delayed in making Kiddush, the 6-7 hour is from 5:56-6:56, or 6:00-7:00, depending on your usual minhag.

 Hershel Rosenbluh, גבאי


Friday, December 4, 2020

Grand Farbrengen and Melava Malka This Motzoei Shabbos!

In honor of Yud-Tes Kislev, please join us for a Grand Melava Malka and Farbrengen with Guest Speaker Rabbi Moshe Gourarie, shliach to Toms River, NJ.

Beginning at 8:30 pm.

The ladies' section will be avilable for those wishing to be socially distant (but spiritually close!) 

Sponsors are still needed to help sponsor the farbrengen. Please give generously.

The Farbrengen also be LIVESTREAMED at

Shabbos Yud Tes Kislev Parshas VaYishlach and week of VaYeshev 5781 Schedule

 סדר הזמנים לשבת פ' וישלח– חג הגאולה י"ט כסלו- ה'תשפ"א

Schedule for Shabbos Parshas VaYishlach -19 Kislev - 5781



Licht Bentchen              4:09pm

מנחה ערב שבת                 4:25pm

קבלת שבת                        5:00pm


No Kiddush between 5:47/6:00-6:47/7:00pm


שבת קודש

Rov’s הלכה שיעור           8:45am

Latest Shma /סוזק"ש     9:27am

שחרית                            9:30am


Grand Washing Kiddush/Farbrengen

י"ט כסלו  לכבוד  

following davening!


  Rov’s הלכה שיעור        3:45pm

מנחה                                4:10pm

מוצאי שבת - מעריב          5:13pm

אבות ובנים @15 Widman  6:30pm

Grand Farbrengen 8:30pm  (please see separate notice)


א גוטען שבת און א געזונטן ווינטער

 No Kids’ program yet…

Unfortunately, the Ladies’ shul will NOT be available for the נשים צדקניות until further notice.


Week of  פ' וישב

 Starting 20 Kislev / Dec. 6th



Sunday    8:00, 9:00, 10:00am

Mon. thru Fri.   

7:15, 8:15 (NEW!) 9:30am



Sun. thru Thurs. 4:15pm



Sun. thru Thurs.

5:00, 8:30, 9:30pm