Friday, October 16, 2020

Shabbos Bereishis and Week of Noach 5781 Schedule


סדר הזמנים לשבת בראשית - מברכים חשוון - ה'תשפ"א 
 Schedule for Shabbos Bereishis, Mevorchim Cheshvan- 5781 


Licht Bentchen 5:55pm 
Mincha Erev Shabbos 6:10pm 
Kabbolas Shabbos 6:40pm 
No Kiddush Between 6:41-7:00/7:41-8:00PM

 שבת קודש 

Tehillim Shabbos Mevorchim 8:30am 
Latest Shma 9:55am 
Schachris 10:00am 

 Molad will be Friday Night/Shabbos (tonight) 3:23am and no chalakim
 Rosh Chodesh will be Sunday and Monday. 

 Kiddush after davening 

 Earliest Mincha 1:11pm 
Rov’s Halacha Shiur 5:10pm 
Mincha 5:55pm 
Maariv Motzoei Shabbos 6:53pm

 א גוטען שבת און א געזונטן ווינטער אזוי ווי מ'שטעלט זיך אוועק שבת בראשית אזוי גייט עס אגאנץ יאר.... 

 No Kids’ program yet… 
 Unfortunately, the Ladies’ shul will NOT be available for the נשים צדקניות until further notice. 

 Week of פ' נח
Starting 30 Tishrei / Oct. 18th

Sunday 8:00, 9:00, 10:00am 
Mon. thru Fri. 7:15, 8:15 (NEW!) 9:30am

 Sun. thru Thurs. 5:55pm

 Sun. thru Thurs. 6:40, 8:30, 9:30pm 

 Mazel Tov to Mrs. & Mrs. Avrohom Hayman upon the marriage of their son Sholom to Mushky Piamenta. 

 Exciting News! The old 8:00 Schachris minyan is now at 8:15 (הודו) Mon-Fri. Join us!

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