Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Zmanim for last days of Pesach and Shabbos Parshas Shemini 5780

The following are the zmanim for the last days of Pesach and Shabbos Parshas Shemini - 5780

Tuesday Erev Y"T
Licht Bentshen 7:17pm
Maariv (Sholosh Regolim)  8:18pm (Sefiras HaOmer #6)
The Minhag in Lubavitch is to stay awake and learn the night of שביעי של פסח
Alos Hashachar 4:48am

Wednesday Shevii Shel Pesach
Misheyakir (Earliest Shma) 5:24am
Latest Shma 9:36am
Earliest Mincha 1:30pm
Licht Bentshen AFTER 8:20pm
Maariv (Sholosh Regolim) (Sefiras HaOmer #7)

Thursday - Achron shel Pesach
Latest Shma 9:35am
Yizkor and Av Harachamim
Earliest Mincha 1:30pm
Enjoy a SEUDAS MOSHIACH complete with the four cups with your family! Please wash before Shkiah (sunset) at 7:37pm
Motzoei Yom Tov 8:21pm
(Sefiras HaOmer #8)
Havdoloh: No besomim or fire.
Chometz that was sold for Pesach should not be eaten before 9:45pm!

Friday Erev Shabbos
Those making early Shabbos should not do so before 6:15pm
(No kiddush between 6:56/7:00-7:56/8:00pm)
Licht Bentshen 7:20pm
Maariv 8:22pm (Sefiras HaOmer #9)

Shabbos מברכים אייר
Latest Shma 9:34am
Molad Chodesh Iyar Wednesday 10:58pm and 12 Chalokim
מולד חודש אייר מיטוואך ביינאכט 58  מינוט און 12 חלקים נאך 10 אזייגער
Rosh chodesh Iyar Frday and Shabbos 
Earliest Mincha 1:30pm
Pirkei Avos Perek Alef
Motzoei Shabbos 8:23pm (Sefiras HaOmer #10)
We say Ato Chonantonu, Morid Hatal and V'sein Brochoh
Havdoloh is as usual, with Besomim and wine
Followed by ויתן לך

 א געזונטן זומער

Important Notes:
It is preferable that in lieu of Krias Hatorah in shul that you "lein" from a Chumash the leining of that day after Shachris. These can also be found at the back of your siddur.

Rav Lesches has discouraged the use of "cometz-buying services" that you can order on chol hamoed and have it delivered after Yomtov.

The new Chayenus have arrived and are available to be picked up 10 Langeries Drive. A few extra packets have arrived and are available for non-subscribers by calling 845-269-1787.

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