Friday, April 3, 2020

Shabbos Hagadol Parshas Tzav 5780 Schedule 

 Licht Bentshen this week is 7:06pm 

Those taking in Shabbos early should not do so before 6:04pm

 Latest time for Shma tomorrow is 9:47am

  Remember to say the Nosi (Yom Asiri)

 Earliest time for Mincha on Shabbos is 1:32pm

 After Mincha we say the hagadah from עבדים היינו until לכפר על כל עונותינו

 Motzoei Shabbos is 8:07pm

 Rav Lesches' Shabbos Hagadol Drasha ​​​​​​​
will take place on Motzoei Shabbos via Teleconference.

 The number to call is (563) 999-1157 Access Code 991246

 The derasha will be short and will begin at 9:45pm.

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