Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Moshiach Shiur Restarting

Good News!!!

The 10 year running, now  defunct Weekly Moshiach Shiur [based on our Rebbe’s often suggested advice to learn about Moshiach & Geulah in order to hasten the complete unfolding of the Geulah Sholaima with Moshiach’s Open & Revealed arrival] is restarting Boruch Hashem!

Place: Tzemach Tzedek Shul of Monsey (either in the small Shul room or the Vaiber Shul).

Time: Every Tuesday night right after the 8:30 pm Maariv (with the 1st Shiur, tonight, Tuesday night, the 9th  of Iyar,/Apr 24th [we hope to discuss the day and time, trying to find the best schedule for the majority of attendees].

The new esteemed Maggid Shiur is Rabbi Dovid Volfman.

We will start by learning the sefer “HaTekufa V’Ha’Geulah”. The Shiur will  start at 8:30pm, run for about 30 - 45 minutes until 9:15, so that attendees, that want, can participate in the 9:30pm Maariv.

I am suggesting that the Monsey Anash Men and Bochurim encourage themselves to participate and our Monsey Anash Women participate in their own ongoing M & G Shiurim and encourage their men to fulfill the Rebbe's request to speed the Geulah Shlaima!

Dovid Kaplan

Light refreshments will be served (tonight sponsored by Mordecai Litzman & dovid kaplan for their Yahrtzeits)