Friday, February 23, 2018

Yedei Chesed Melava Malka this Motzoei Shabbos

 Everyone is cordially invited to the Melava Malka at our home, 6 Gel Ct., Monsey, this Motsoei Shabbos at 8:45 pm to support a night kollel for people with disabilities. Please see attached. Thank you in advance.

Rabbi Dr. & Mrs. Meir Levin

Shul schedule for Shabbos Parshas תצוה and Parshas זכור

Friday – ערש"ק 

Licht Bentchen 5:22pm

 מנחה Erev Shabbos 5:32pm 

קבלת שבת/Kabbolas Shabbos  6:10pm 

No Kiddush between 6:10-7:10pm (6:00-7:00pm) 

 שבת קודש 
Rov’s Chassidus Shiur 8:45am 

Sof Zman Krias Shma 9:24:45am

 שחרית/Schachris 9:30am 

Parshas זכור approx. 11:00am

 זמן מנחה גדולה/Mincha Gedola 12:40pm 

Rov’s הלכה shiur 4:30pm 

מנחה/Mincha   5:20pm 

Motzoei Shabbos /מעריב/Maariv 6:23pm

 אבות ובנים/Avos U'Bonim 7:30pm