Sunday, March 12, 2017

Purim Fabrengen/Kumzitz with Rabbi YY Jacobson

The entire community is invited to an inspiring and fiery Farbrengen with Rabbi YY, on Sunday night, March 12, after the Purim Seudah.

Hot food will be served, with drinks and live music by Ben Shimon.

The event is for men and boys. Bring your children and friends.

Women or out-of-towners can watch a live stream at


Thursday March 16, Rabbi YY will begin a NEW 4-week lecture series on the Basics of Emunah.

Time: 830 PM.

Location: Tent, 20 Forshay Road.

All men, women and teenagers are invited. Hot food will be served. You can email him all of your questions on Emunah:

Tuesday through Friday, Rabbi YY will be giving his daily early bird ​shuir. 5:30 Am: Gemarah Rosh Hashanah. 630 AM: Hilchos Shabbos. 7:00 AM: The Baal HaTanya.


Tuesday morningMarch 14, 930 AM: Shuir for women in the tent.

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