Monday, February 27, 2017

Monsey Anash Matza Baking 5777

As the month of Adar is already upon us, arrangements for our yearly group matza baking Baking date, has been arranged. The yearly Matza baking group, supervised by Rabbi Aaron Dovid Gancz and his son-in- law Rabbi Aaron Oster [and under the Hashgocha of the Crown Height’s Rabbonim], organized by Dovid Kaplan will take place on Wednesday, the 10th of Adar 5777/the 8th of March 2016 at 12:00 Noon. we specialize in delicious and nutritious [B’Gashmious U’V’Ruchnious] Whole Wheat Matza.

Participating in the baking is a wonderful experience, greatly heightening our Kavana and appreciation of the Sedorim and Pesach, as well as increasing our involvement in all the erev Pesach preparations. Bringing our children to the baking, brings to life what Pesach is all about, having a profound effect on their Pesach experience, creating good memories that last a lifetime.

As in past years, we rent a cargo van in order to bring the matza back to Monsey for local pickup for those that just cannot make it to the baking. Please email Dovid at , first come, first serve.

Although we bake mostly Whole Wheat matza [last year over 400 pounds], we can get you whatever is your preference, including Spelt and Oat if necessary, but we must know well in advance.

This year we are instituting a new condition, in order to facilitate both prompt payment to the bakery as well as to reduce the financial accounting efforts that are needed after we bake. We will be getting the bakery’s price per pound before the baking and will need to receive full payment before March 8th .

There is less than 2 weeks to our baking, so please contact Dovid as soon as possible. I apologize for this belated notice…

May our energetic involvement in the mitzvahs of Pesach bring Open and Revealed Goodness, giving actual physical reasons for our increased Joy!

Thank you,

Dovid Kaplan

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