Friday, December 9, 2016

A Thank You From Dovid Kaplan

To my dear Family and Friends (that are family),

Thank You Sincerely

To celebrate one’s Yom Haledes ,especially a decade, is not unusual, but to have such an outpouring of Love and compassion is worthy to take note of and to comment on. From my own agenda of downplaying any limelight, Daled Kislev, the anniversary of my birth in 5707/1946, is just another ‘day in the life’, yet due to my family and friends, getting together to mark the event, with many of you speaking from your heart, has had a profound effect on accentuating the positive impact we each have on the other. 

I have extreme sensitivities, some of you privy to how they are strongly expressed. My innate propensity to reach out to others, ends up exaggerating my discomfort in being needy, disabled (forcing me to be on the receiving end of the relationship), so that every, even slight, enabling help to me [e.g. holding me as I walk in snow and ice, putting my Sidur away after Davening (saving me a few steps), etc] touch me deeply, creating an almost constant feeling of thanks to all my helpers and gratitude to Hashem for creating Yidden in general and Monsey Anash, Lubavitchers in particular. 

Most definitely, even more important than physical help, is the emotional input, support that you give me with your enabling focus and compassion. The entire 70th celebration, from the beautiful Melava Malka Motzei Shabbos night to our ‘All the children and grandchildren’ celebration during the day, has left me reeling, in Nachas, and contemplative, re-thinking about those things people mentioned, that I never thought about. 

I take absolutely no credit for anything, that others see, as positive in my persona. It is clear to me that those things are a yerusha, an inheritance from my parents and grandparents, right back to Avrohom Aveinu and Sora Imeinu, a fabric of my DNA. That said, all the compliments and praiseworthy comments only increase my desire and effort to praise these relatives by increasing in Torah & Mitzvahs, putting your import into my 70th year to the best possible use and Blessing you all in return. 

I thank you SO much, for this special memorable day and for all your energies flowing in my direction. May we All be together in Yerushalayim with our Holy Rebbe’s cry , that “we are the last generation of golus and the first generation of Geulah”

P.S. If anyone was smart enough or lucky enough[to have the Z’chus] of audio or video recording the words spoken by Rabbi Jacobson, please contact me[my own recording ran out of memory, and I wanted to share it with others that could not attend]. Since I forgot to
say out loud, in public a Chachlota/a personal committment, based on our Rebbe’s, suggestion for a Yom Haledes Farbrengen, “ I intend to continue with renewed strength/conviction my practice of learning Chitas and one perek Rambam specifically during my work day hours, even if I have already attended Shiurim
that cover the same material.

Dovid Kaplan

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