Sunday, October 16, 2016

Simchas Beis Hashoeiva Schedule

Sunday Night - R’ Dovid Kaplan 18 Underwood Dr. Also sponsored by Rebbetzin M. Wichnin 'תחי

Monday Night - R’ Yitzy Lipszyc 21 Brockton Rd., Spring Valley

Tuesday Night - R’ Yossi Wolfson 10 Klingher Ct., Pomona.

Wednesday Night - Community-wide SBH @ Wesley Kosher Plaza [sponsored by Beis Menachem Mendel of Pomona and the NCFJE of Rockland -] 7:00pm (kids program at 6:00pm)

Thursday night - R' Gil Hami 17 Blueberry Hill Road (after Kinus Torah)

Friday Night at the home of R’ Mendel Vogel 5 Mariner Way, Monsey

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