Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rabbi YY Jacobson Begins Daily Early Bird Shuir

We are thrilled to announce a new daily early bird-shuir with Rabbi YY Jacobson.

There is nothing as powerful, inspiring and transformative as waking up before sunrise, owning your day, and saturating your mornings with two hours of learning!

Time: Monday-Friday. 530 AM: Gemarah (around an amud a day, more in depth). 630 AM: Halacha. 700 AM: Chassidus. Folllowed by shacharis (nusach ari) at 730 AM

Location: 20 Forshay downstairs.

Join one, two or all three of the shuirim.
​ Get your soul on fire!​

The early bird shuir begins this coming Monday 4 adar II, March 14 2016

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