Sunday, May 17, 2015

Seeking Ride

Looking for a ride from Monsey to the Ohel on Monday, Erev Rosh Chodesh.

Please call Zalman at 347- 457-9408.

Cheder Chabad of Monsey Holds 16th Annual Banquet

Last Sunday evening, Cheder Chabad of Monsey held it's 16th Anniversary Dinner. Close to 350 parents, educators, staff and community members filled the elegant Atrium ballroom to express their gratitude to the evening's award recipients, which included Parents of the Year Rabbi Levi and Sorah Shemtov, as well as Dedication to Chinuch Award recipients Rabbi Zelig Silber, Mrs Libby Oster and Mrs. Pirchia Flamer. Renowned speaker and Dean of the, Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, inspired the crowd as keynote speaker with his wisdom and insight into Chassidishe chinuch. Entertainment was provided by the fabulous Cheder Boys Choir led by Mr. Bentzion Ptalis.

"The dinner was the most-well attended event in the school’s history," said the Cheder Boys' Limudei Kodesh Principal Rabbi Avrohom Wolowik. "The support on the part of the parents is indicative of the positive relationship that the hanhala has with the families, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to continuing to cultivate that relationship and improve upon it as Monsey Anash grows," he added. "Our Pre-School, as well as the Girls' Division, increases it's student population each year, Boruch Hashem, and we hope that the Boys' Cheder will be housed in a new facility in the not-too-distant future."

The evening began with a lovely parve and milchig cocktail hour, after which attendees were seated and received stunning platters of pasta and fish for the first course. The main offerings included a choice of fresh and tender fillet of sole or salmon fillet, each of which was plattered with savory basmati rice and freshly steamed green vegetables. Finally, for dessert, a lavish milchig Viennese table concluded the evening's regal fare.

MC Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Ehrenreich of Chabad of Chestnut Ridge introduced the various speakers, beginning with Rabbi Lesches who delivered a dvar Torah, followed by Rabbi Wolowik who led the room in the saying of the Rebbe's kapitel. A PowerPoint presentation which included Cheder activities and events was shown on each side of the room for the parents' enjoyment.

One of the evening's highlights was an extraordinary performance by the Cheder Chabad Boys Choir, led by maestro Bentzi Ptalis. The boys ranged in ages from grades Two through Seven, and performed both moving and leibidike versions of Ufarazta, Kali Atah and Hoshia es Amecha, to name a few selections.

After an update on the Cheder Excellence Project, which was introduced by Cheder President Rabbi Yeruchem Cohen and given by Rabbi Zalmen Leib Markowitz, the program continued with the awards presentation. Honored for their Dedication to Chinuch, were: Rabbi Zelig Silber, 5th grade rebbe; Mrs. Libby Oster, Second Grade teacher; and Mrs. Pirchia Flamer, Pre-School aid and teacher.

In addition, the illustrious Parents of the Year Award was bestowed upon Rabbi Levi and Mrs. Sorah Shemtov, shluchim of Chabad of Riverdale. Rabbi Shemtov delivered a moving and inspirational acceptance speech on both his and his wife's behalf.

The evening concluded with Rabbi Yossi Jacobson engaging everyone with his wit and oratory abilities, as he not only entertained with Yiddishe anecdotes, but enlightened with emesdike insights on the Chassidishe philosophy of successful chinuch.

A huge yasher koach goes to the planning committee for the evening.

Im yirtzeh Hashem, in the zechus of our efforts on behalf of our children's chinuch, next year's dinner will be held in Yerushalayim with the Rebbe.

Summer Jobs Available in Fair Lawn, NJ

Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp already has over 300 children enrolled and is looking for qualified people to fill a number of different positions: Division Heads, Camp EMT, Camp Office Manager, CIT coordinator.

We also have a potential position for a young couple: Rabbi can run the older boys division and Rebbetzin can choose between older girls division, office, or kiddie camp head teacher.

These summer jobs will pay nicely, treat you well, give you training and experience and a fun time.

Please apply online at!staff/c12kn.

You may contact with questions.