Friday, April 17, 2015

Mesibas Shabbos

Private Tutoring Available

Rabbi Rony Greenberg of Morristown offers private tutoring to children, teenagers and adults in all limudei kodesh (Jewish) subjects and in numerous limudei chol (general studies) subjects, including all Bar Mitzvah prep. 

Long experience teaching at all levels. 

If you know anyone who would be interested please call 973-449-1234 or email for more details.

Women's Weekly Pirkei Avos Shiur Begins this Shabbis

The weekly Pirkei Avos Shabbos shiur for women with Rabbi Lesches will begin this Shabbos at the home of Devorah Hayman, 10 Langeries 5:15 pm, and will continue every Shabbos until Rosh Hashana. 

Times will adjust as Shabbos gets later, so please check each week to confirm the time.