Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cheder Calendar

Dear Parents and Friends of Cheder Chabad,

I would like to once again thank everyone who participated in our very successful Cheder Calendar. We thank those who actively worked on the project as well as all those who supported our Cheder by sponsoring birthdays, yoma d’pagra, memorials, etc. We also want to thank those who placed advertisements and while Cheder as a policy can not officially vouch for the kashrus or quality of the advertisers offerings, we are so very pleased that you have elected to support the Cheder with your patronage, Yasher Koach.

If anyone would like an extra calendar, a limited quantity will be available gratis at:

The Sofer Center
25 Main Street
Monsey, NY
845 262-0246

Rabbi Yeruchem Cohen, President
Cheder Chabad Board of Directors

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