Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Millions for Chesed for the Next 24 Hours

Beginning today, Tuesday, at 12:00 PM, "Millions for Chesed" will try to raise millions of dollars in 24 hours for charities such as Tomchei Shabbos of Rockland, KSCVK, Chabad of West Palm Beach, FL and others.

Fifteen organizations have joined together in a high stakes, innovative online fundraising initiative to raise more than $2.6M collectively in just 24 hours.

All donations today will be quadrupled.

Monsey organization included is:

Chabad organizations included are:

Keren Simchas Chassan V’Kallah - Crown Heights, NY - $100,000

Kind Kitchen, Chabad of West Palm Beach, FL - in honor of the first Yartzeit of Mrs. Chaya Basha Shuchat - $200,000

Chabad Chesed - Queens, NY - $40,000

Each of the fifteen organizations will aim to raise anywhere from $20,000 to $600,000 for their organizations in just 24 hours, each using an innovative online crowdfunding platform: charidy.com. 

All donations on the day of the event will be QUADRUPLED!

It’s ALL or NOTHING: If the organizations do not meet their online goals within 24 hours, NONE of the pledges are processed or collected!

And they’re doing it all together, on the same day, increasing the scale and bolstering each other’s efforts!

From Noon EST Tuesday June 2- Noon EST Wednesday June 3: Donors can visit www.millionsforchesed.com to support one or support them all.

It’s not every day that you see Jewish music stars joining together – unless it’s for something special. In their words: “You will have a hand in making history. Mamash history. By joining Jews everywhere…. To create the largest day of giving for Chesed in history.” 

They released a video to help encourage global support for a unique effort of chesed organizations from throughout the US and Israel who are working together to raise almost $3 million collectively in JUST 24 HOURS.

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