Monday, June 15, 2015

A Million For the Shluchim’s Children

Dear Friend,

One of the “Lubavitch wonders” that has captured the Jewish world’s respect and awe is how the Rebbe’s vision is translated and practiced in the lives of an entire global community: in their warm, inviting homes; in their unconditional love and acceptance; in their exceptional generosity; and in their embrace and support of the Rebbe’s shluchim.

Indeed, many affluent members of the Lubavitch community have “adopted” a family of shluchim from around the world – oftentimes a sibling, relative or classmate – with their generous support and unwavering friendship, a living example of the Torah’s Yassachar-Zevulun partnership.
Tomorrow, each of us will have the unique opportunity to do the same in a way where every dollar will count, supporting this single greatest need and concern to each and every chossid - their children.

Tomorrow, we are launching A Million For the Shluchim’s Children, a million-dollar Charidy campaign to support and expand the services we offer to these precious children.

For more information on A Million For The Shluchim’s Children, please click here.

As partners in the Rebbe’s vision, we would like to ask for your help.  

·         Tomorrow, please contribute whatever you can at Every dollar you donate will be quadrupled!
·         Ask at least TWO others to join you in giving!
·         Please share the news about our campaign as often and as widely as you can.  If you have a personal story of your relationship with a shliach, please include it!

Help us continue the Rebbe's directive: meeting the needs of Shluchim, Shluchos and their children.

In this merit maybe you merit to share in the true nachas from all of your children and the means to educate and raise them metoch harchava, materially and spiritually.

The Shluchim Office

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