Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mrs. Sarah Marrus, R Avraham & R Mordechai Barouk Sitting Shiva

.ברוך דיין האמת

We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of the mother of Mrs. Sarah Marrus, Reb Mordechai Barouk and Reb Avraham Barouk.

Mrs. Marrus will be sitting shiva at her home, 131 Brick Church Road, from Monday until Friday between the hours of 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Avraham Barouk is sitting shiva at 77 Decatur Avenue until Tuesday. From Tuesday until Friday, Avraham and Mordechai will sit shiva at 80 Decatur Avenue. Shacharis will be at 9:00 AM, Mincha at 7:20 PM and Maariv at 8:30 PM.

Please help with the minyanim.

.המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים 

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