Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Menahel of Mesivta Lubavitch of Monsey Meets Parents

On Thursday evening כ"א אדר, parents of current and prospective talmidim had the opportunity to meet with the new Menahel of Mesivta Lubavitch of Monsey, Rabbi Sender Lustig.

The evening began with Rabbi Moshe Liberow welcoming the parents and introducing Rabbi Zalmen L. Markowitz.

Rabbi Markowitz spoke about his interactions with Rabbi and Mrs. Lustig in the past and the confidence he has in Rabbi Lustig building up the Mesivta לשם ולתפארת.

Rabbi Markowitz also spoke about the importance and benefits of keeping Mesivta age bochurim close to home and how with the current growth and status of our community, this would be an opportune time to invest in this venture.

Rabbi Markowitz then introduced Rabbi Lustig to present his vision for a successful Mesivta in Monsey.

Rabbi Lustig drew on פרשת פרה where we see that Mitzvos are generally divided in 2 categories; those that we can understand (משפטים and עדות) and those that we can't comprehend (חוקים). During the elementary years, children are more susceptible to perform even if they don't understand exactly why they are doing certain things. Once they reach the age of Yeshiva Gedola they require more of an understanding and emotional buy in. The function of a Mesivta is to assure this transition of bochurim in a healthy and productive manner, nurturing their social and emotional development, while at the same time motivating and challenging them.

Rabbi Lustig then took questions from parents and clarified the structure of the Mesivta and some details concerning the curriculum.

He hopes to not only attract the best local students, but also talmidim of high-caliber from out-of-town.

The feedback from the evening has been BH overwhelmingly positive.

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