Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Important Letter from Tzemach Tzedek President

Dear Member of the Monsey Community,

I am writing to you about a pressing communal concern. I have just been informed that at the beginning of this week, Congregation Tzemach Tzedek only had ONE week left of funds in our bank accounts to pay all Shul related expenses.  We are now in an emergency situation where we are unable to pay for our mortgage, salary to our Rav, cleaning costs, mikveh expenses, utilities etc.

To help remedy this urgent situation, I am launching two campaigns in an effort to help our Shul and community.

First, accompanying this letter is your statement from the Shul with transactions through 01/31/2015. I have just paid my outstanding balance to the Shul, and I am asking you to pay as much of your outstanding balance as possible so that our Shul will be able to continue and thrive. Please click here to pay online. (A statement will not be generated if there is no activity as of 1/1/2014.)

As an incentive, for any outstanding amounts you pay up to Yud-Alef Nissan, I will contribute an additional 20 per cent reducing your personal Shul balance. For example, if you pay $200 towards your $500 Shul balance, I will pay an additional $40 towards your Shul balance, etc. I am not placing any dollar limit on this so feel free to pay 80 per cent of your outstanding Shul balance and I will pay the rest.

Second, to raise new funds for the Shul, I will double any new pledges which are paid prior to Yud-Alef Nissan in honor of the Rebbe’s birthday. So, if you donate $1,000 to the Shul, I will also donate $1,000, bringing the total donation to $2,000. 

Our Tzemach Tzedek Shul is the cornerstone of Chabad in Monsey. In addition to weekday and Shabbos services, the Shul operates the Men's Mikveh, offers daily and weekly shirum, Fabrengens for all chassidishe yomim tovim, and provides the services of our Rav, Rabbi Lesches. Maintaining the Shul is the responsibility of all of us, so please be as a generous as you possibly can.

If you have any questions about these campaigns or about the Shul, or if you would like to make a pledge, please contact me. 

Thank you. 

Avraham Hayman
President, Congregation Tzemach Tzedek


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