Sunday, March 15, 2015

Help JEM Leap on Monday at 12 PM

What’s your favorite JEM project? Is it the Living Torah video that you see in Shul, the weekly Here’s My Story, or a full-length Farbrengen? Did you find a photo of yourself on the Living Archive website, or come across a great video on YouTube?

Demand for high-quality content of the Rebbe has been growing dramatically – and with it, the pace of our output. In order for us to meet the strong demand we’ve needed to stretch ourselves way beyond capacity. A group of generous partners has decided to help us take a giant leap by laying down a $1,000,000. G-d wiling, if we raise $1 million within 24-hours, we get the full amount toward our work. But here’s the catch: If we don’t, we get nothing.

Help us take this giant leap! 

As someone who has been inspired by these videos, you know the far-reaching effect they have on you, your children, and your friends. Please help us share this precious gift with an even larger audience, and with a world which needs it now more than ever.

Tomorrow, 25 Adar - 16 March, at 12:00 noon EDT, every dollar you give will be multiplied 4x by these generous donors! Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow your contribution and join us in reaching the entire world.

Please look out for our emails tomorrow, donate generously, and spread the word amongst your friends and family!

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