Thursday, February 12, 2015

Last Few Weeks of Avos U'Banim

There are only four more weeks left to take advantage of the special Avos U'Banim program where  fathers and their sons spend such wonderful quality time together.

Even if you haven't yet participated in this unique program, please come and see what it's like!

As Shabbos is coming out later each week the starting time is moved forward and for these last four weeks the program will be from 7:30  to 8:30 PM.

Special raffle for those boys arriving within the first 6 minutes (until 7:36 PM).

Special yasher koach to Rabbi and Mrs. Nachman Bronstein for providing the mezonos and chocolate-coin treats numerous times during this winter's season of Avos U'Banim.

These last weeks are last opportunities to have the zchus of sponsoring this powerful program! Please contact Rabbi Shusterman (917 282 3505) for details.

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