Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mazel Tov Roths & Markowitzs!

Mazel tov to R' Mordechai and Miriam Roth on the birth of a baby boy!

Mazel tov to the grandparents Rabbi Zalmen Leib and Esther Markowitz!

Avos U'Banim Time Change

There has been a wonderful turnout of fathers learning with their sons coming to Avos U'Banim the past few weeks. 

This motzei Shabbos the program will be from 6:45 to 7:45 PM. 

To encourage everyone to  come on time there will be a special raffle for all those boys who arrive within the first five minutes (from 6:45-6:50)!

So make sure to come with your fathers but be there on time and be part of this special raffle!

Free Business Listing in the Monsey Anash Directory

As we prepare to go to press with the Monsey Anash Directory I want to give a final opportunity for those with a business to list their business name, address and phone number in our Goods and Services Section.

There will be absolutely no charge to place this listing and it is an excellent way for potential customers or clients to look you up.

Your listing can be sent to Chaim Schild at and will be accepted through next Friday, December 19th.

Parsha Perspective

By Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman

Would you think that “How are you today?” can be a religious question? And that it plays an important role in a major Biblical narrative?

In this week’s Torah reading Vayeishev (Bereishis [Genesis] 37:1-40:23) we read the dramatic story of Joseph - the technicolor dream coat, the sibling rivalry in Jacob’s family, and Joseph’s descent to Egypt, sold into slavery. After being framed by his master’s wife for scorning her attempts at seduction, young Joseph finds himself incarcerated in an Egyptian jail. There he meets the Pharaoh’s butler and baker, and correctly interprets their respective dreams. Later, when Pharaoh himself will be perturbed by his own dreams, the butler will remember Joseph, and Joseph will be brought from the dungeon to the royal court. His dream analysis will satisfy the monarch, and the young Hebrew slave boy will be catapulted to prominence and named viceroy of Egypt.

How did Joseph’s salvation begin? It began with the imprisoned Joseph noticing that the butler and baker were looking somewhat depressed. “And Joseph came to them in the morning and he saw them, and behold, they were troubled. He asked Pharaoh’s officials  ‘Why do you look so bad today?’” (Genesis 40:6-7). They tell him about their disturbing dreams, he interprets the dreams correctly, and the rest is history.

But why did Joseph have to ask them anything at all? Why was it so strange to see people in prison looking sad? Surely depression is quite the norm in dungeons. Wouldn’t we expect most people in jail to look miserable?

According to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the answer is that Joseph was exhibiting a higher sense of care and concern for his fellow human beings. Torn away from his father and home life, imprisoned in a foreign land, he could have been forgiven for wallowing in his own miseries. Yet, upon seeing his fellow prisoners looking particularly unsettled, he was sensitive enough to take the time to inquire about their well-being. In the end, not only did he help them, but his own salvation came about through that fateful encounter. Had he thought to himself, “Hey, I’ve got my own problems, why worry about them?” he might have languished in prison indefinitely.

Sometimes, says the Rebbe, a simple “how are you today?” can prove historic.

It’s a lesson to all of us to be a little friendlier. To greet people, perhaps even to smile more often.

When we meet someone we know and ask, “Hey, how are you doing?” do we wait for the answer? Try this experiment. Next time you are asked how you are doing, answer “Lousy!” See if the other person is listening and responds, or just carries on his merry way, oblivious to your response.

Aside from Joseph’s many outstanding qualities which we ought to try and emulate, in this rather simple passage Joseph reminds us to be genuinely interested in other people’s well-being. And that it should not be beneath our dignity, nor should we be inhibited, to make an honest and sincere inquiry as to their condition.

This forthcoming week begins the beautiful holiday of Chanukah, beginning this Tuesday eve (December 16, 2014). The Chanukah lights lend particular emphasis to this teaching. Every night of Chanukah a new light must be added, for one’s Mitzvah observance should always be in ascendancy. What may have been adequate for yesterday needs additional input and light for today! Preferably one should not observe the Mitzvah today with the same devotion as yesterday; he must increase his commitment and involvement.

Let us indeed strive to improve and enhance our interpersonal relationships. Who knows? It may not only change others' lives, but perhaps even our own!

(Excerpts from and Rabbi Yossy Goldman)

Amazon Smiles and Cheder Chabad of Monsey

As you may already know, Amazon offers charitable organizations a way to earn 0.5% of all your purchases every time you place an order through Amazon Smile.  It is a very simple and hassle free way to support the Cheder at no cost to you.

And to make sure that it’s as easy as possible, we placed the link on the Cheder's website.

Or, you can click here.

While not every item on Amazon qualifies, there are over tens of millions of products that do. You will see the eligible products marked "Eligible for Amazon Smile donation" on their product detail pages.

So shop happy and please remember the Cheder every time you do. Thank you!

Thank You for Helping the Cheder Raise More than 100K

Dear Parents, Anash and Friends of Cheder Chabad,

We have reached the eve of the great and auspicious Yom Tov of Yat Kislev and the official conclusion of the Hayman Family Matching Challenge in support of Cheder Chabad. The Hayman family generously sponsored this fund raising project in the zchus of Mrs. Leah Hayman, obm, in recognition of her first Yahrzeit.

Thanks to all of you who contributed so generously, we have raised over $100,000 for our Cheder’s operating budget. The funds will be used to help us pay our hard working rebbes, moros, teachers and staff who give their all every day for the sake of our children.

Again, my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed at any level and a special thanks to our talented Cheder 8th grade girls and MBCM students who gave of their time to help us make this solicitation a complete success.

Good Yom Tov. Lishana Tovah B’Limud HaChasidus u V’Darchei HaChasidus Tikasavu V’Techatemu.

Rabbi Yeruchem Cohen, President
Cheder Board of Directors

Seeking Ride

Reuven Pollock is looking for a ride to Crown Heights for the Levilev Chasana on Thursday night, any time after 4:45 PM.

Please call 914-522-0169.

Will provide minimum of one hour of entertainment and contributions towards gas and tolls.

Community Menorah Parade

Save the date. The annual Monsey Chabad community Chanukah Menorah Parade will take place on the first night of Chanukah, this Tuesday, December 16.

To hekp us orgnize the parade, please register your vehicle in the form below.

If you need any assistance with mounting your menorah, please contact the shluchim at

Line up will take place at Tzemach Tzedek at 6:00 PM. The parade will concluse with a grand menorah lighting at the Spring Valley Marketplace at 7:30 PM.

8th Day Chanukah Concert Almost One Week Away