Monday, October 27, 2014

Mazel Tov Oberlanders - L'chaim on Monday Night!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Gedalia and Sarah Leah Oberlander on the engagement of their daughter Rivka Perry to Yossi Posen of London, England!

The l'chaim will take place tonight, Monday, at 9:30 PM at Nikolsburgh Hall, 6 Milton Place in Spring

Save the Date - Women's Hair Wrapping Event

Chabad of Suffern Hosts Anne Frank's Stepsister & Geraldo Rivera

SUFFERN - The stepsister of Anne Frank paid a special visit to Suffern Sunday.

Eva Schloss, 85, was at the Lafayette Theater to share memories of Auschwitz and her hopes for the future.

The Chabad of Suffern organized the historic visit and Geraldo Rivera moderated the program.

"Unfortunately, the world hasn't learned enough. People again how dangerous it is to have discrimination and hatred especially religious discrimination," she said.

She says that Anne Frank was her childhood playmate before both families went into hiding separately.  In 1944, the Schloss family was betrayed by someone posing as part of the resistance.  The family was arrested and sent to Auschwitz in Poland where Schloss' father and brother would die.

She and her mother survived, and her mother later married Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father.

Schloss says after surviving Auschwitz, she made her way to England where she married and raised three daughters.  Since 1985, she has dedicated herself to Holocaust education and global peace.

By News 12