Sunday, June 1, 2014

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Heichal Menachem Shavuos 5774 Schedule

Tzemach Tzedek Shavuos 5774 Schedule

The following is the Shavuos 5774 schedule for Tzemach Tzedek:

Erev Shavuos, Tuesday, 5/6 Sivan (June 3):
Shacharis 1: 7:00 AM
Shacharis 2: 8:00 AM
Licht Bentshen: 8:05 PM
Mincha: 8:15 PM
Chassidus Shiur
Maariv: 9:15 PM
After Seudos Yom Tov all are encouraged to come to shul for Tikun Leil Shavuos. Coffee and refreshments will be served.

First Day of Shavuos, Wednesday, 6 Sivan (June 4):
Alos HaShachar (Mikvah): 3:37 AM
Shacharis: 10:00 AM
Aseres Hadibros: Approximately 11:30 AM
Mincha: 8:15 PM
Maariv: 9:15 PM
Licht Bentshen: After 9:14 PM

Second Day of Shavuos, Thursday, 7 Sivan (June 5): 
Shacharis: 10:00 AM
Yizkor: Approximately 11:45 AM
Kinus Torah: 7:00 PM
Mincha: 8:05 PM
Seder Niggunim
Maariv - Yom Tov Ends: 9:15 PM
Kiddush Levana (if possible)

!בברכת לקבלת התורה בשמחה ובפנימיות

One Week Only - Registration Fee for Paradigm Shift Classes Waived

Due to the generosity of a local sponsor, for one week only the $36 registration fee will be waived for anyone who signs up for the Paradigm Shift classes prior to next Sunday, June 8.

Please email your name and that you intend to participate in both Paradigm Shift classes to

Only those that register in advance will receive the updates as to where the classes will be taking place.

Erev Shavuos Farbrengen on Monday Night

Small Package to CH

If anyone can take a small package from Monsey to Crown Heights, please call Leah Poltorak at 914-584-6902.

Shavuos Night Learning for Women

Women are invited to learn on the first night of Shavuos following your yom tov seudah at the home of Mrs. Yehudis Abramowitz, 211A Kearsing Parkway.

Stay for a few minutes, an hour, or join us until dawn.

Learning will include Minhagim of Shavuos; Rebbe Sicha; Megillas Rus; Sefer HaMitzvos, Inspiring Stories, etc.

Mazel Tov Rabbi & Rebbetzin Lesches

Mazal tov to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Lesches on the birth of a grandson born to Yossi and Chanie Lesches of Crown Heights!