Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cheder Chabad of Monsey Celebrates 15 Years of “Dedication to Education”

Several hundred fathers, mothers, teachers, staff, Anash and community members came together on Monday evening, May 26, for Cheder Chabad of Monsey’s 15th annual dinner celebrating “ Dedication to Education”.

The event, which was held at the new Yeshivah of Spring Valley boys building ballroom, celebrated the robust growth and expansion of the greater Monsey Chabad community, which has grown over the past decade to over three hundred and fifty families, kain eyin harah.

Guests were greeted by a smorgasbord as the event got underway. Cheder board Vice President Chaim E. Cohen took to the podium to officially welcome the crowd. Rabbi Boruch Lesches, mara d’asra of the Monsey Chabad community, next delivered the event’s central dear Torah. An uplifting acappella musical performance by the Cheder Chabad Boys Choir, under the direction of the talented Bentzion Ptalis, followed Rabbi Lesches, with parents taking pride in the professionalism of the performance.

While enjoying an elegant dinner, the guest speaker Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, the internationally renowned educator, delivered the keynote address. Rabbi Rietti’s inspiring talk, on the art of parenting, focused on presenting a positive face to children in all our interactions with them—supporting them emotionally. He stressed the importance of approach in regard to imparting to our children a real love for and appreciation of Yiddishkeit.

Awards were then presented to three veteran teachers, Rabbi Levi Rosenberg, Mrs. Rochel Baron, and Ms. Mariasha Greenberg, honoring them with the school’s Dedication to Education Award.

Board President Rabbi Yeruchem Cohen ended the event with acknowledging the many individuals who helped make this year’s event a tremendous success.

Beis Menachem Announces "טועמיה Club" for Boys

Beis Menachem is happy to announce a טועמיה Club for boys entering 7th , 8th  or 9th (shiur aleph Mesivta) grades next year.

The טועמיה Club will meet on ערב שבת at 1:30 PM at Beis Menachem for one hour; challenge our minds with a little extra-curricular learning connected to the week’s פרשה (no pressure) ; do a little ‘layning’ practice, and be מקיים the minhag  of טועמיה חיים זכו – tasting some שבת  food before שבת!

Please encourage your son to come and help him find a way to and from Beis Menachem.

Please email if your son will be coming – we would like to begin this week – ערב שבת קודש פרשת נשא.