Thursday, March 20, 2014

Parsha Perspective

By Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman, Dean, Cheder Chabad of Monsey

This week’s Torah reading Shmeinei (Vayikra [Leviticus] 9:1-11:47) discusses the complex laws of ritual impurity and purity, tum’ah and taharah.

The Torah tells us that “every earthen vessel into which any [impure creature shall] fall. . . shall be unclean.”

There is an interesting distinction made in Jewish law between different types of utensils. If a source of impurity comes within the inside space of a vessel which is made of earthenware, even if it doesn’t touch the walls of the vessel, then the vessel becomes impure. However, if it did not enter the vessel, even if it touched the walls from the outside, the vessel remains pure.

With all other utensils (e.g. metal), the opposite is the case: having a source of impurity placed within the space of a vessel (but not touching the walls) does not make the vessel impure, whereas touching any part of the vessel, inside or outside, does render it impure.

Why is this?

The value of a utensil made of wood or metal is contained not only within its function as a container. The material that it is made of has its own intrinsic value, as well. On the other hand, a vessel made of earthenware, whose makeup is nothing more than mere earth, is of value only when used as a container; accordingly, its status of ritual purity is determined by what happens inside the vessel. The outside of the vessel, by itself, has no intrinsic value.

There is a simple yet very beautiful lesson from these complex legalities.

The Torah tells us that “G‑d formed man out of the dust of the earth, and He blew into his nostril a living soul.” We humans are earthenware vessels! Ethics of the Fathers tells us, “Do not look at the vessel, but rather at its contents.” Therefore we must remember that our worth lies not in our physical material exterior, but in the inner contents. That which is relevant to the inner self and to the soul is what defines a person, not the superficial exterior.

(Excerpts from - by Rabbi Mordechai Wollenberg)

May you have a meaningful and uplifting Shabbos!

In Light of Recent Tragedies, Virtual Farbrengen for Women Tonight

As the Lieberman / Minkowitz family get up from shiva we need to remind ourselves until  children will be united with their mothers and fathers we will not to be content in galus!

This Thursday, March 20, 6:00 PM NY time - will be a phone farbrengen- only this time opening it up not only for our fellow shluchos but all Nshei Ubnos Chabad to storm heavens gates and bring Moshiach! (over 850 shluchos logged on last time)

We understand the timing is not the greatest for all but European shluchos really begged to be able to join too and so in the spirit of Ahavas Yisroel

The time will be @ 6PM - NY time. Everyone will be muted so feel free to put it on loud speaker as you put your children to sleep or are sitting at the diner table!!

Please Spread the Word around on your FB, WhatsApp, text so we can really all unite the true Noshim Tzidkonius!

Please call (530) 881-1212  and enter code 234-681-799. 

Only the speakers will be able to be heard, as all other callers will be put on mute. (We prepared time to figure out the system BH!)

Also available to Shluchos who may not have phone access on the web at and upload to your computer.

With all our unity and koach together I know we will storm heavens and bring the geulah!!

Here is the  schedule and moderators below:

(5:50pm-6:00 - Pre-Call Seder Nigunnim for those who are able to come- all will not be muted getting to hear each other singing!!)

6:00pm –Welcome& Tzedaka - Mrs. Goldie Plotkin, markham

6:02  Rebbe  and Rebbetzin's kapital followed by words of Chizuk - Mrs. Miram Swerdlow,( aunt of Shliach Rabbi Butman-Naharia Israel)

6:10pm  -  Audio Sicha of the Rebbe -

6:13pm Sicha Overview - Mrs. Menucha Shochet, La

6:15pm – Rashi's Life Lessons -  Dena Shusterman, Launching a fund to help support the daily activities in the Minkowitz home.   Intown, GA Friend and Neighboring Shlucha of Rashi
6:21pm-   Launching Project Torah and Tea - learning with woman in our community more Torah and Chassidus Mrs. Yehudis Bluming, Chapell Hill, NC

6:26pm-   HAYOM YOM - Mrs. Leah Namdar, shetichye, Goteburg, Sweden

6:29pm-   Mikva ONE Campaign - Sara karmely  NY -  Everyone gets to find  at lease ONE lady to go to the Mikvah!
6:36pm -  L'Chaim ViLivracha – Bracha from and to all Shluchos, tichye together BiAchdus for Moshiach now! - Mrs. Leah Namdar,

6:42pm - UViChayn - Hachlatos Tovos  - Mrs. Goldie Plotkin, shetichye - HaMaaseh Hu HoIkar

6:45pm   We Want Moshaich now!!!  Sung by the Rebbe, Nigunnai Hisvaadus