Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mordechai HaTzadik Visits Cheder Chabad

Mordechai HaTzadik made a special trip from Shushan to visit the Cheder boys. All the boys were able to tell him many, many details about Purim.

Mordechai was extremely impressed by the first grade boys taught by their rebbes Rabbi Levi Rosenberg and Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg. He felt that they did a fantastic job and he requested that we show their picture.

He emphasized the mitzvah of Matanos L'evyonim, giving Tzedaka to two poor people. Each student was able to participate in the mitzvah, and received a treat as well!

A special yasher koach to Mr. Bloch, for hosting Mordechai HaTzadik for Purim once again.