Monday, February 10, 2014

New Monsey Mesivta Hires Menahel Ruchni

We are pleased to announce that our efforts to find a suitable מנהל רוחני for the new Monsey Mesivta bore fruit in the person of Rabbi Menachem Aizenman, שיחי'.

He is an accomplished תלמיד חכם and educator with extensive experience both here and abroad, and will be a great asset to our community. Rabbi Aizenman and his family spent this past שבת in our community where he informally met and greeted prospective students and parents.

He was officially introduced to the parents of potential מתיבתא תלמידים on מוצאי שבת at K'hal Tzemach Tzedek. Rabbi Aizenman presented his vision for a successful מתיבתא in our community, and took questions from parents. He hopes to not only attract the best local students, but also talmidim of high-caliber from out-of-town.

Additional information wil be forthcoming in the very near future אי"ה.

With prayers for much success, יהי רצון שתשרה שכינה במעשי ידינו,

Chaim Zvi Ehrenreich
Adam Goodfriend
Chaim Gray
Efrayim Keller
Moshe Liberow
Hershel Rosenbluh
Chaim Schild
Levi Shemtov
Avrohom Wolowik
Committee for the New Mesivta