Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Siyum HaRambam & Farbrengen on Wednesday Night

There will be a Siyum HaRambam and Farbrengen this Wednesday night, 7 Shvat, January 8, following the 9:30 PM Maariv minyan at Tzemach Tzedek.

R' Manis Friedman to Farbreng for Women in Honor of Chof Beis Shvat

In honor of Chof Beis Shvat there will be a special Melave Malka farbrengen with Rabbi Manis Friedman on Motzai Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim, January 25.

Additional details will be posted shortly.

We are looking for sponsors for this exciting event. You may sponsor in honor of someone or just because!
  • Gold Sponsor - $180 
  • Silver sponsor - $100
  • Bronze Sponsor - $54 
 Please email nsheichabadmonsey@gmail.com to sponsor.