Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson Speaking This Shabbos for Hey Teves

Bais Menachem is pleased to announce that Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson will speak in honor of Hey Teves this Shabbos Parshas Vayigash at the farbrengen following davening.

Men and women are invited.

For purposes of families planning their meals and guests, Rabbi Jacobson will speak from approximately 12:15 until 1:00 PM.

A children's program will run during that time upstairs for the benefit of all parents and to ensure a conducive environment for the farbrengen.

Davening at Beis Menachem begins at 9:30 AM at 360 Route 306.

All are warmly invited and encouraged to join!


  1. who ever heard of a farbrengen that tells you that it'll be short for "planning meals purposes," and when it finishes?! This is not derech Chabad.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Who ever heard of YYJ sticking to a schedule? Not for beginning and not for ending.

    I just finished listening to him at the Shul on Forshay. He was speaking about how Hashem wants us to be us. Each one does not have to be Rabbi Akiva. To say something is not Derech Chabad is to hold others to a standard that is super-holy. Take a look at yourself. The Derech Chabad is to focus on the good. People gave their time and Koach to arrange this event and they are trying to make it comfortable for everyone. That someone should come and slam it because it is no on the highest of high levels - that person is not Derech Chabad.