Monday, December 15, 2014

Chanukah Sale at The Sofer Center

In honor of Chanukah, The Sofer Center is discounting the following books*:

Children's Books:
- Five Alive
- Chanukah Story for Night Number Three
- Chanukah Guess Who
- A Touch of Chanukah
- The Macabees and Me
- Eight Chanukah Tales 
- Yossi the Dreamer 

Other Books:
- Vedibarta Bam Chanuka 
- Victory of Light - Mitzvas Ner Chanukah 5738 (CHS) 
- Eight Lights 8 Meditations for Chanukah 
- Shaarei Hamoadim Chanukah
- LeHodos ULehallel 

*While supplies lasts.

For more Information contact Rabbi Kass at 845-262-0246  or visit

We are conveniently located at 25 Main Street in Monsey directly across from Rockland Kosher.

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