Friday, November 21, 2014

Avos U'Banim 5775 Off to a Great Start

The new season of Avos U'Banim is off to a great start with nearly 100 fathers and sons participating already. The program is organized by Cheder Chabad of Monsey and held at Tzemach Tzedek every Motzai Shabbos of the winter months.

"This is a beautiful sight to behold and to hear the Kol Torah permeating the Shul." said Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman, dean of Cheder Chabad and founder of the Monsey Chabad Avos U'Banim program approximately 12 years ago.

"Due the hectic schedules of most fathers, they do not have the time to sit and review their sons' learning with them. The hour at Avos U'Banim provides a calm environment for fathers to spend quality time with their sons, to learn together or review their Cheder material. In fact, one of the early participants in our program years ago , has now begun an Avos U'Banim program in another city, using our Monsey format of the program."

After the learning, some of the 12 psukim are recited, raffles for prizes and seforim are held and a Chassidishe story is told. Each of the participants is then given a treat - often hot pizza!

The program is open to all elementary school boys, with their fathers.

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