Monday, October 6, 2014

First Month at Mesivta Lubavitch of Monsey

Mesivta Lubavitch of Monsey has now completed its first month of the new zman with, Boruch Hashem, much hatzlocha.

The zal is filled with the sounds of twenty bochurim joined by the Talmidei Hashluchim, learning, davening, farbrenging and growing in Chassidishkeit.

 Some highlights of the first month include:
  • Serious learning Be’Iyun.  Bochurim are divided into two groups, allowing the more advanced Talmidim to learn more meforshim and more be’iyun.
  • Chassidishkeit and inyonei Chabad are strongly emphasized.  Each week Bochurim learn about Yemei Chabad and other inyonei deyoma relevant to Tmimim.
  • Emphasis on learning the Rebbe’s Sichos each evening.  The shluchim divide the bochurim into groups and help the boys learn and prepare a weekly Sicha. One of the goals is being able to give it over on their mivtzoyim routes and at the Shabbos seudos. At the end of the week, they are farhered on the Sicha.
  • Shluchim organizing various mivtzas to bring more chayus to the extra learning and inyonim that the boys do outside of sedarim on their own time.
  • A few Chassidishe farbrengens and Melave Malkas with the Rav of our Kehilla, HaRav Lesches, Shl”ita, Yeshiva Hanhola, and special guests.
  • Mivtzoyim – the Shluchim have distributed routes to the Bochurim who have already met many local Yidden on those routes who were open to Tefillin, Neshek, and more.
  • Sports and exercise – Bochurim have the opportunity to swim once a week as well as play daily sports on Yeshiva grounds and local facilities.
  • Stress is placed on personal responsibility, integrity and respect for chaveirim.  Each bochur is given tasks in helping maintain cleanliness and orderliness in Yeshiva grounds teaching responsibility and mentchlichkeit, in addition to their learning. 

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