Monday, September 22, 2014

Online Pruzbul Form

With the approach of the Shemitta year, the Alter Rebbe strongly recommends to also make a Pruzbul now, before the beginning of the Shemitta year, based on the opinion of the רא"ש.

In our generation, the Rebbe strongly urged people to follow this recommendation of the Alter Rebbe, and at the same time, the Rebbe established, for practical reasons, that this should be performed together with Hatoras Nedarim.

Furthermore, the Rebbe suggested that everyone should organize a loan, in order to create a necessity to perform Pruzbul, as in this way one would show his endearment to תקנת חכמים. It should be noted that as Pruzbul only takes effect on loans made beforehand, one should organize the loan before making Pruzbul.

Since it is not customary for women (and girls) to make Hatoras Nedarim, therefore they should fill out this form online. Also those who didn’t manage to make Pruzbul at Hatoras Nedarim, should fill in the form as well.

This online facility will be available until Hadlokas Neiros before Yom Tov.

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