Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Morning Kollel Starting on Gimmel Tammuz

We are very excited to announce a new endeavor Lekovod Gimmel Tammuz.

This Tuesday, Gimmel Tammuz, IY”H, a morning Kollel in Tzemach Tzedek will be starting.  It’s a work in progress and will certainly evolve and adapt as time goes on to improve based on feedback and results.

This is a paid Kollel, so if you are interested in being part of it, you are expected to keep the commitment, and attendance will be taken.  There may be other people that would like to take your spot so if you’re not committed, we do encourage you to come learn anytime you’re able to, but you do not need to be enrolled as an active member in the Kollel.  By agreeing to join, you are committing to do the best you can to keep the Seder.

In brief, the Seder will be as follows:

  • Learning will be in the main Beis Medrash of Tzemach Tzedek
  • The Kollel will run 6-7am, Sunday- Friday.  (Sundays 7-8am).  With required attendance at least 5 days a week
  • Learning can be done individually  but it is encouraged to have a chavrusa.  If you need help finding a chavrusa once the program begins please let it be known to the organizers and we’ll try to make arrangements.
  • Pay will be $150, paid at the end of each month

If you are interested in joining or have any further questions, please send an email to

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