Wednesday, June 11, 2014

East Ramapo Formula Change Petition

As a result of our unique public/nonpublic student ratio, the State aid formula is not equitable for East Ramapo.

The formula is faulty in that it does not take into account East Ramapo's 23,000 nonpublic school students for whom the District must provide numerous mandated services, such as transportation, textbooks, computer hardware and software, special education services, etc.

We are appealing to our legislators and Governor to enact legislation to change the formula to include our nonpublic school students in our student count so that East Ramapo gets its fair share of State aid.

Please help us in this effort by signing the petition which is located in the website below. Please forward the website to others as we want to get as many signatures as possible. I appreciate your support.

Website: East Ramapo Formula Change Petition


Joel M. Klein
Superintendent of Schools
East Ramapo Central School District

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