Sunday, June 8, 2014

Community Gimmel Tammuz Preparation Update

As the 20th anniversary of Gimmel Tammuz draws closer, please find the following update on the three initiatives that the greater Monsey Chabad Anash community is doing together to prepare for this auspicious day:

JLI Paradigm Shift Classes:
Due to popular demand, this two-class course will take place at Tzemach Tzedek on this Sunday, 17 Sivan, June 15, at 8:00 PM and on the following Sunday, 24 Sivan, June 22, at 8:00 PM. There will be no cost for the classes. The course workbook will be sold at the classes for $6.

The two classes are open to men and will be taught by the co-author of the course, Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, a renowned teacher and lecturer and co-director of JLI’s Curriculum Department.

Paradigm Shift, which was developed with the input of over 40 prominent Shluchim, Mashpiim, and secretaries of the Rebbe, presents the Rebbe’s Torah and revolutionary outlook allowing students to gain a comprehensive grasp of the Rebbe’s unique and refreshing position and approach to Torah, Yidishkeit and life in general.

In order for us to prepare properly, please RSVP to in advance.

By now, everyone should have received the Gimmel Tammuz Kovetz in the mail.

Numerous shiurim have already been organized in some of the Shuls to learn the content contained in the Kovetz!

Please take some time to learn the material by attending a shiur, learning with your family, a chavrusa, your students or by yourself.

If you did not receive the Kovetz, please contact Rabbi Markowitz at for a copy.

Gimmel Tammuz Community Farbrengen:
Men and women are invited to join in a community farbrengen in honor of Gimmel Tammuz with Rabbi Shmuel Lew of London, England.

In addition, a few members of the community will briefly share their personal experiences of how the Rebbe deeply impacted their lives.

There will also be an  A capella choir that will lead some of the nigunim.

The farbrengen will take place on Sunday, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, June 29, at 8:00 PM in the main shul (upstairs) in Tzemach Tzedek.

If you would like the zechus of co-sponsoring this special evening, please contact

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