Friday, May 30, 2014

טועמיה Club Update

We got off to a great start today with twelve boys!

We listened to critique some boys layning, but they were perfect!

We heard why the ברכות of ברכת כהנים have to be brought down through the כהנים and not directly from the Aibishter. Then we worked out how there can be a person who is half כהן and half ישראל – try that for a challenge. Can such a person eat תרומה? Can he do ברכת כהנים?

We learned that ברכת כהנים is a מצוה of the כהן each and every day, and that ישראלים have the מצוה to be bentched by the כהנים . Is that a מצוה for ladies, or only for men?

And last but not least, we lived up to our name by enjoying potato kugel and farfel.

Looking forward to next week (אסרו חג שבועות) at 1:30 PM at Bais Menachem.

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