Thursday, April 3, 2014

20% Off Pesach Seforim and Haggadas at The Sofer Center

The Sofer Center is discounting 20% off the following Pesach titles and Haggadas. Sale ends Thursday Yud Nissan the 10th of April (while supplies last).

  • Kol Menachem Haggadah
  • The Kehos Passover Haggadah Deluxe English
  • Haggadah Shel Pesach - Youth wise edition
  • Haggadah for Passover with Rebbes Reasons & Customs
  • At Our Rebbe Seder Table
  • Haggadah for Passover - Kleinman 
  • Ki Yishalcha Bincha - Bogomilsky
English Titles:
  • Creation and Redemtion (Chasidic Heritage Series)
  • The Spice and the Spirit Passover
  • Count Down to the Seder - Personal Pesach Planner
  • A Seder in Herlin - By Gershon Kranzler
  • A touch of Passover - A Touch and Feel book
Hebrew Titles:
  • Haggadah 2 Vol Likutei Taamim Minhagim Ubiurim
  • Shaarei Hamoadim Pesach 2 Vol.
  • Otzer Minhagei Chabad Nissan-Sivan
  • Shulchan Chag
Buy any Pesach Special and save 5% on Yarmulkas Tzitzis and Taleisim.

The Sofer Center is located at 25 Main St, Monsey, NY 10952 (across the street from Shoppers Haven). Hours are Monday – Thursday 12pm - 7pm.  Friday 10am -2:30pm & Sunday 10am - 5pm

For additional information Call 845-262-0246 or visit

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