Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Sofer Center Pesach Sale

The Sofer Center is discounting 20% off the following Pesach titles and Haggadas

Kol Menachem Haggadah.
The Kehos Passover Haggadah Deluxe English.
Haggadah Shel Pesach - Youth wise edition.
Haggadah for Passover with Rebbes Reasons & Customs.
At Our Rebbe Seder Table.
Haggadah for Passover - Kleinman .
Ki Yishalcha Bincha - Bogomilsky.

English Titles:
Creation and Redemtion (Chasidic Heritage Series).
The Spice and the Spirit Passover.
Count Down to the Seder - Personal Pesach Planner.
A Seder in Herlin - By Gershon Kranzler.
A touch of Passover - A Touch and Feel book.

Hebrew Titles:
Haggadah 2 Vol Likutei Taamim Minhagim Ubiurim.
Shaarei Hamoadim Pesach 2 Vol.
Otzer Minhagei Chabad Nissan-Sivan.
Shulchan Chag.

Buy any Pesach Special and save 5% on Yarmulkas Tzitzis and Taleisim.

Sale ends Thursday Yud Nissan the 10th of April, while supplies last.

The Sofer Center is located at 25 Main St, Monsey, NY 10952 (across the street from Shoppers Haven). Hours are Monday – Thursday 12pm - 7pm.  Friday 10am -2:30pm & Sunday 10am - 5pm

For additional information Call 845-262-0246 or visit

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