Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marriage Course for Men Starting This Thursday

What is the Torah-true view of marriage and a man’s role as a husband?

Secular influences have crept in, if not inundated, our view of the most holy and important aspects of Jewish family life. These foreign ideas have caused confusion and left much pain in their wake as many well-meaning people drift further away from the tried-and-true model that has served us well for millennia. How do Jewish men get back on track? How can they receive the inspiration and, more importantly, the practical guidance to recommit themselves to the Torah way in marriage? How do we reclaim happiness and holiness in our homes?

Seeking answers to these questions, this Thursday, February 13th, Jewish men from around the world will join Rabbi Manis Friedman for a course on Jewish marriage that will bring much needed clarity to this most important subject. Geared for chassanim and married men, the four-part teleseminar convenes by live phone conference on four Thursday and Monday nights from February 13th to February 24th 9pm EST.

Each lesson is exactly one hour long and is presented in simple, clear English with all Hebrew terms translated. Previous knowledge on the topic is not needed. Much of the course is devoted to answering participants’ questions. Privacy is maintained by providing a link for participants to post their anonymous questions, which the moderator then reads to Rabbi Friedman. Questions that are not asked during the sessions are asked on the 4th and final call, a “wrap-up” session dedicated entirely to participants’ questions.

Previous teleseminars with Rabbi Friedman include a women’s marriage course, a dating course, and a Shana Rishona course. A teleseminar on parenting is in the works for the coming months.

Some comments by attendees of the most recent men’s marriage teleseminar include:

"Rabbi Friedman takes our modern perspective of marriage and turns it on its head.  Whatever your age or stage this course is for you! "

"This course matures you into a grown man and allows you to let go of preconceived notions of intimacy so you can start creating a healthy, wholesome and fulfilling  relationship with your spouse."

"As a long time fan of Rabbi Manis Friedman’s teachings (as far back as cassette tapes), I can say that Manis’ recent course on relationships that I plugged into via teleconference was fantastic! He offers much to think about in terms of how we should view and define sholom bayis.

Find out what hundreds of satisfied participants in past teleseminars already know. Register for your teleseminar now by clicking here.

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