Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cheder Chabad Dedicates "Reuven Farber Playground"

On Sunday, 14 Kislev, Cheder Chabad of Monsey educators, parents, friends and supporters dedicated a beautiful new playground recently constructed on the Girls Campus in Airmont, NY.

The playground was a generous gift of the Litzman Family in memory of Mrs. Malka Litzman’s father, Reuven Farber, a”h. At the dedication ceremony, Mr. Mordechai Litzman spoke beautifully about his father-in-law's love of children and deep concern for Jewish values. Mr. Litzman explained that the playground captured both concepts and would have made his father-in-law very happy.

Also honored at the event were Mr. Yisroel and Rivka Schulman, long time friends and supporters of the Cheder. Mr. Schulman, one of the founders of Cheder Chabad, spent many years selflessly giving his time, money and active participation to shape the Cheder and help it to become the success it is today.

Perhaps the most animated and excited participants were the school children who had been anxiously waiting months for the new playground to open. As the Ribbon was cut by Mr. and Mrs. Litzman it was a delight to hear the laughter and cheers of the children as they poured through the gate to try out the new equipment for the first time. To add to the festive air, the children enjoyed a carnival complete with face painting, balloon artistry, fresh popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy.

A special thanks to Mr. Avraham Hayman and the Board of Directors of Lubavitch of Monsey who ensured that the Girls Campus grounds were enhanced and prepared for the new playground, to Naftali Marrus who did a wonderful job of overall project management and to Rabbi Boruch Dovid Lesches and Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman who shared their thoughts with us at the dedication.

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