Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hashovas Aveida - Missing Hat

A Borsalino hat with multiple name labels was removed from the main Tzemach Tzedek hat rack during over Rosh Hashana.

Please return to Moshe Reitman at 917-301-5537.

Seeking Van Driver

Looking to hire a van to drive a group of kids to and from Tarrytown to Monsey daily for school.

Know someone? Please email us at Hinda@chabadrt.org.

Yom Kippur & Sukkos Shiur for Women at Heichal Menachem

Tzitzis and Taleisim Sale Extended at The Sofer Center

Save 10% on all Tzitzis and Taleisim until Yom Kippur.

We have in stock both children and adult sizes in cotton and wool Tzitzis as well as the traditional (cotton or silk lining) Taleisim, and the new Keter nonslip lightweight Talis.

Office location: 25 Main St Second floor (right across the street from Rockland Kosher). Parking in the back.

Office hours:
Sunday 10am until 2:30 pm
Monday - Thursday 12pm until 7pm
Friday 10am until 3pm

There is no need to call prior to coming to schedule an appointment.

Credit Cards accepted.

For more information call 845-262-0246.

Frum Cycling Club Formed

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wesley Hills Cycling Club (or Wesley Wheelers as we will be called), please email uriel@nathanash.com.


Please say tehillim for Shayna Chaya bas Rochel Leah for an immediate refuah shleima.

Local Chol HaMoed Concert

N'shei Chabad Bookstore Update

New DVD: Nigunim of the Rebbeim
Yom Kippur Machzorim - Large Selection
Children's Machzorim
Shulchan Aruch HaRav - Hebrew/English (Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, Sukkos and Lulav)
Pinson: The Four Species - Halachic Guide and the Deeper Meaning of the Mitzvah
Boys'/Men's All Sizes: Tallis Katan/Tallis Gadol

Please contact Mrs. Yehudis Abramowitz at 845-558-8249.

Yom Kippur 5774 Schedule for Tzemach Tzedek

The following is the Yom Kippur 5774 schedule for Tzemach Tzedek:

Friday, Erev Yom Kippur, 9 Tishrei  (September 13):
Kapparos in the early morning
Shacharis 1 (lekach after davening): 6:30 AM
Shacharis 2 (lekach after davening): 7:00 AM
Shacharis 3 (lekach after davening): 8:00 AM
Mincha (lekach after davening): 3:00 PM
Seudah HaMafsekes
Licht Bentching – Fast Begins: 6:52 PM
Kol Nidre: 7:00 PM

Shabbos Kodesh, Yom Kippur, 10 Tishrei  (September 14):
Shacharis: 9:00 AM
Yizkor: Approximately 12:15 PM
Mincha followed by Neila: 5:15 PM
Yom Kippur & Fast Ends: 7:50 PM

Best wishes for a
!גמר חתימה טובה