Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two Pesach Shiurim for Women

Rabbi Lesches will be giving two shiurim for women on Hilchos Pesach.

The first one will take place this Wednesday, March 6th, and the second on Monday, March 11th.

Both shiurim will take place in Tzemach Tzedek at 8:00 PM.

Greater Monsey Sports Group

The Greater Monsey Sports Group offers the following leagues:

  • All-girls flag football league 
  • All-girls soccer league 
  • Boys junior soccer league 
  • Boys teenage & adult soccer league 

Dates: Sundays from April 7th through May 19th
Where: Pomona Middle School
Costs: $100 before March 15th and $115 afterwards
Limited slots available

For additional information, please visit monseysports.com or contact Uriel Ash at 845-596-5512 or uriel@nathanash.com.

Open Your Heart

Close relatives of someone from our community is going through some really difficult challenges.

First it was loss of employment, then severe damage to their home from Hurricane Sandy at the same time as a serious medical issue with one of the children, and now the wife and loving mother of four beautiful children has been diagnosed with ALS (Rachmana Litzlan).

You can read the full story in her own words here.

A campaign has been started online to help the family renovate their home from the damage of the hurricane as well as make it handicap accessible. Please express your Ahavas Yisroel and give whatever you can to help this family.

You can donate now here - http://www.rootfunding.com/campaign/3660

In the merit of you opening your heart, may Hashem bless you and your family with an overflow of revealed blessings in all areas of your life!

Please also daven, say Tehilim, bake challah, etc. for a refuah shlaima for Devorah Rochel bas Miriam Chava.

Seeking Education Supervisor for Infant/Toddler Program

  • Minimum of 10 years teaching and supervisory experience
  • Must have BA in Early Childhood (MA preferred)
  • Full time (five days a week), 12 months a year, not off for summer
  • Yiddish language fluency

  • Please fax resume to 845-354-4178.

    N'shei Chabad Bookstore is Stocked for Pesach

    Pesach Items:
    • Large assortment of Haggadahs
    • Hilchos Leil HaSeder
    • Chagenu (Laws of Pesach)
    • Spice and Spirit of Passover Cooking
    • Countdown to the Seder
    • A Touch of Passover (toddlers)
    • On This Night (pre-schoolers)
    • Pesach Seder for Children (CD)
    • Out of Egypt (DVD)
    • Sefiras HaOmer (Counting the Omer)
    • Tehillas Hashem Pesach Siddur
    General Items:
    • New - T-Shirt Talis Katan under Chabad Hashgacha
    • Talis Katan for boys and men (cotton and wool)
    • Talis Gadol (all sizes)
    And lots more!

    Please call Mrs. Yehudis Abramowitz at 845-558-8249.

    Shells & Skirts