Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cheder 7th Grade Boys Get Hands-On Lesson

By Imanuel Rimler

In Cheder's 7th grade we started learning פרק ב‘ of ויקרא. In order for us to better understand the פרק, Rabbi Blotner did fun activities with us, in which everyone participated and enjoyed. The פרק talks about the מנחה קרבן. This קרבן is different from others since it uses raw dough made with a fine flour. What is the fine flour? In order to explain it to us, Rabbi Blotner brought in wheat stalks, along with a slideshow. In each step, we saw what to do with the slideshow, then did it by hand. The class separated the seed from the stalk, and then the seed from the chaff. Once we had raw seeds, Rabbi Blotner gave us stones and papers. Right away, the class started crushing their seeds. Once they were ground, Rabbi Blotner showed us the difference between the soft flour and hard pieces. We sifted them, then put aside the soft flour and ground up the hard pieces. Now, we had fine flour.

The next day, Rabbi Blotner showed us how to make the dough and bring it to the מזבח. He showed us what to do on a slideshow, and then called us up one by one to do a step. We started off by pouring olive oil into a bowl. Next, we pored flour onto it. Then oil went on again, and then was mixed by hand. In the corner went frankincense, carefully placed. Now is the messy part. A כהן then took a fistful of the dough without frankincense and put it in a spoon. Salt and the frankincense were place on top, and then the small amount was burned on the מזבח. The rest of the dough was then baked and eaten by the כהנים in the עזרה.

The entire class enjoyed the activity, and we all thank Rabbi Blotner for giving us the chance to experience what the כהנים did.

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  1. Rabbi Blotner is truly an amazing and devoted teacher & a real chassidishe role model for the boys. my son is lucky to have has him as a teacher!