Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun, Learning at Bat-Mitzvah Camp

30 girls are experiencing fun and learning at CGI B-ME Bat Mitzvah Camp in Philadelphia, directed by Gershon and Debbie Sandler.

On a serene, sprawling campsite in Philadelphia, 30 girls lit Shabbos candles. For most, it was their first time.

CGI B-ME began last Tuesday. Four days filled with recreational fun - swimming, canoeing, hiking and basketball- left them tired and ready for a relaxing Shabbos. Organized by Gershon and Debbie Sandler, B-ME is an overnight camp where not-yet frum girls learn and live Yiddishkeit.

After learning basic concepts of Judaism, including G-d and Shabbos, the girls got a brief overview of Shabbos: we become closer to Hashem, leaving behind the rush of life and connecting to what's real in life. We don't turn lights on and off, don't play music and don't write. We don't use anything electrical. After clarifying that turning on a tap is not considered electrical, they were ready to roll.

The first Shabbos at camp flew by, beginning with a rocking Friday Night meal, with lively singing, stories and new friendships.

"Shabbos at camp is amazing! It is full of learning, songs, unity, and spiritual growth. We get to bond and become friends like sisters with one another," said Alisa S., from San Antonio, Texas.

The 30 tea-lights danced away as the girls they represented continued their journey of self-development and growth: learning to be proud to Be Me - confident young Jewish women.

CGI B-ME has a few spots still available for second session, (July 23rd- August 12). See or contact Gershon Sandler at 845-425-0903 for more details.