Sunday, June 23, 2013

Message From Cheder Chabad President Rabbi Yeruchem Cohen

Many thanks to all, Organizers, Attendees and Supporters who helped to make Cheder Chabad of Monsey's 14 Annual Banquet a tremendous success. 

The event took place last Sunday evening at the picturesque Nyack Seaport on the Hudson. Our deserving honorees were the Meshchaninovs Moshe and Yehudis and Eliyahu and Bracha, who were the recipients of our Amudei Chesed Award and Michel and Chani Gurkov who were our Parents of the Year. 

Aside from the delicious food and the fine wines gifted to us by the Royal Wine company and the entertainment provided by the Cheder Boys Choir, there was a moving address given by Hindie Markowitz. Hindie explained to everyone what it was like for a young frum girl to attend a secular school for the blind and how she had test after test in kashrus, tznius, Shabbos and Yomtov and passed them all with grace and good humor. She then announced with great excitement that she would be joining us at Cheder Chabad as a full time student. We will eagerly welcome Hindie to our Cheder and know that as much as she will gain from our Chassidiche Soviva we will gain even more from her exemplification of "Yageiti u' Matzati.

The evening concluded with two exciting announcements. First, the Cheder will be installing a much needed new playground at the Girls Building courtesy of the kindness of the Litzman Family and second, Avraham Hayman, the noted philanthropist and mainstay of our Cheder, has agreed to Match up to $36,000 in donations in honor of the recent sixth Yahrzeit of Leah Miriam Hayman, A"H. Any family who donates $100 to $999 will have their donation matched dollar for dollar, donations of $1000 per family will be double matched with an additional $2000 contributed by the Hayman family. Donations must be made by Sunday, June 30th and paid by July 31st,2013. The proceeds will be used to pay the staff salaries at Cheder Chabad. 

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